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  • Talk To A Person: 800.321.3526
  • Agency: 888.240.3351
  • New Business: 888.872.7954

About ELCO

For 70 years ELCO Mutual Life and Annuity has helped individual customers grow and protect their investments. Today, ELCO is known for its outstanding customer service and for providing seniors with specialized products. ELCO defines itself as “service, stability, protection since 1946.”  For more than thirty years ELCO has concentrated on developing plans to provide seniors with financial solutions to estate and survival problems. In years past ELCO pioneered products such as polio and cancer indemnification plans as well as various specialized life programs. However, we also have policies for every age group. The ability to create new products quickly has always been a huge strength for its new business department, as well as its agents and established marketers seeking a worthy partner for a new venture. 

What is a Mutual Company?

Unlike stock based companies, a mutual company is an organization completely owned by its policyholders, which is why here at ELCO we treat every client like they’re a part of our ELCO family. Any profits we accumulate can contribute to an annual dividend that all policyholders with participating contracts are eligible to receive. Unlike stock companies, which send their dividends to investors, we send our dividends right back to you. 

Is ELCO in Your State?

ELCO is authorized to conduct business in forty-three states. We do not currently operate in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.